Triplux 101 in 1,001 challenge:

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as new year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

My end date for task: Monday, April 5, 2010 - I found that date using this

Finished tasks will be crossed out. Italics are in process.

12. Finish Secret Garden embroidery Finished picture 8.17.08
13. Frame zebra embroidery Here it is! 8.3.07
14. Frame mom’s carousel embroidery
15. Finish civil union embroidery gift Picture of it here. 8.5.07
16. Finish silk yellow and black dress hem Picture here
17. Finish one-shoulder tank top
20. Redesign 10.4.09
26. Paint the living room Picture here. Finished 8.18.07
27. Paint the downstairs bathroom and laundry room
28. Paint the kitchen in the shore house7.27.08
29. Get the shore house bathroom re-tiled
34. Create/create costume plan for a musical (Wizard of Oz?) with fabric samples, sketches, etc. as if I were hired as a costume designer for the show (Maybe switched to create my own "fashion design collection" instead of a show...we'll see...)
37. Buy a new sewing machine, particularly one that does embroidery Doesn't do embroidery, but bought one! 11.10.07
38. Finish portrait of Tuffy
39. Take out my violin and play it again/take lessons
40. Dance in another show – Phoenix, Surflight, anywhere!
41. Hire a choreographer to choreograph a solo and compete in a dance competition as a solo in my age category
41b. Sew my own costume for the above competition
42. Finish abstract violin oil painting
47. Design my own graduation announcements and send them out to family and friends for both of my MA degrees 5.6.08
52. Paint still life for Tinton Falls’ townhouse kitchen
65. Finish a crochet project
66. Knit myself a sweater
67.  Find a web client on Craig’s List/ get the job/design the site
68. Sew something for myself using a knit fabric
69. Understand all of the stitch options on my serger
70. Sew/knit clothing for a baby (my nephew/niece to be?) - I knit a baby sweater for an upcoming birth. 3.10.09
71. Sew baby sampler for a friend’s child
72. Create even better vector illustrations for web sites This is a rather intangible and hard to judge goal, but I'm getting better and will continute to do so! 2.22.08
73. Teach Alyson how to sew
74. Put in hooks and eyes on polka dot dress
75. Re-position darts on black, blue, grey and purple silk dress
76. Sew green feather blouse with flutter sleeves 1.3.09 Here!
77. Sew purple silk-like wrap dress I'm marking this as a "fail" because I'm not finishing it, but am crossing it off as well - the pattern isn't "right" so it's not finishable. However, I put a lot of time into it and attempted - it just won't work out. It happens with sewing! 2.22.08
80. Knit Bobby the lion sweater, Picture of it here, and here, and here 9.29.07
81. Finish Muffy quilt I started for my mother on Mother’s Day when I was a child
84. Make a pair of boxers for Dave in a fun “boy” fabric Picture here. 8.20.07
93.Redesign (I'm sorta phasing out Roxydoll12, so I decided to redesign instead)

10. Go on cruise with Dave
44. Go on a weekend vacation with Dave to a place like Boston, MA or Mystic, CT

8. Apply/receive full time job after graduation I'm employed!
9. Build up Tri-Star Design/another part time job to help me pay for the last of my tuition I'm really proud of all the new clients I've gotten and am happy with the way the business is growing!! 11.12.07
18. Buy a new pair of jeans
19. Buy a new Prada purse I got a new designer leather purse - not Prada, but just as nice. 12.25.08
30. Buy red Kitchenaid mixer/blender for my Tinton Falls townhouse (Alyson bought me yellow for next gift giving occasion, and I like the yellow even better than the red!)
46. Downsize immensely - so I can take at least one full paycheck and put it straight into savingsDeposited check straight into savings, 3.3.08
48. Buy a new car (towards the end of the 1001 days – or at least look into options for buying a new car if new car isn’t necessary) 2.9.10 - 2010 Mercury Mariner
49. Have $20,000 in PNC savings account (after paying graduate tuition) - I dream big 12.30.08
58. Do not purchase any new hair ‘product’ until all I currently have collected are finished
79. Buy a boat with Dave (that may be on the 3,001 day list, but still…)
82. Buy nothing for one month except gas/train fare/ food (theoretically, I'll be broke after buying #48 and/or #79)
94. Plan a wedding within my budget and have it fully paid (if I get engaged – reliant on #11)
95. Buy mini food prep processor for Tinton Falls townhouse so I can really cook while I’m there

11. Get engaged
21. Get married
22. Go to Steph’s doctor
23. Go to the ballet
24. See Spring Awakening2.15.08 Valentine's Day gift from Dave
25. See Grey Gardens (FAILED: Went off broadway July 29, 2007. Really not my fault though!!)
35. Organize collection of magazines in binders by topic
36. Reorganize shelves in my craft room 8.3.07
45. Go to the Guggenheim Museum again, just for fun 11.24.07
50. Finish unfinished space off of my bedroom – either as luxury bathroom or "man cave" for Dave
51. Hold a party at my townhouse (dinner party) with close friends (editting: Hold a party anywhere for myself - in the process of planning birthday garden party in September 2007 for my 24th birthday in Clifton) Held 24th Garden Party themed Birthday party on 9.8.07
53. Put down new flooring in Tinton Falls kitchen (I'm editting this to be: Re-tile the front hallway of my parents' house. If I get the kitchen TF flooring done too, so be it. I noticed that the TF kitchen floor doesn't really need to be redone - so why do it for no apparent reason?) But, I would like to retile the hallway!!
54. Create plans for backyard renovation – hot tub, landscaping, etc. (even if it doesn’t happen, look into options)
55. Organize/donate my books
56. Drop off clothing at Salvation Army that has already been put aside as “donation”
57. Go through my makeup and throw out anything old and scary
59. Redecorate my bedroom in LBI with new comforters and curtains – possible make them myself
60. Start writing book with mom
61. Write a will
62. Go to an eye doctor
63. Go to Madame Toussad’s Wax Museum in NYC
64. Learn French fluently
78. Explore options for adding addition on LBI house
83. Make a flan for Dave 5.17.09
85. Find some kind of coffee beverage that I can tolerate (something with a lot of milk and a lot of added flavor, perhaps?) I had a few sips of Dave's Raspberry Chocolate Frappucino in B&N Starbucks and I actually liked it! 8.26.07
86. Donate more to the Clifton Animal Shelter
87. Get another Little in my sorority - Little Aiko, Crossed 11.11.07
88. Hold another Big/Little night at my house for my sorority - Honestly, didn't happen, but I offered my house and it's not in my control how the location is chosen. I don't care if it's not held again at my house, but I did my part of the goal by offering.
89. Hold a brunch for the girls in my sorority at either the TF house or in Clifton
90. Run on treadmill twice a week for a half hour each time for at least a month, if not longer May 2009
91. Go back to taking singing lessons
92. Read the Harry Potter books (7/7) Finished 5.14.09
98. Get tickets to see Martha Stewart Show
99. Make a copy of all my livejournal entries in case they ever get ‘lost'

1. Finish thesis for FIT - submitted 12/08 - awaiting final edits and publishing.
2. Finish thesis for MSU 5.2.08
3. Finish internship for MSU Finished end of fall 2007 semester
4. Finish internship for FIT
5. Graduate with MA from MSU 5.23.08
6. Graduate with MA from FIT 5.20.08
7. Apply to PhD program/decide if that is what I really want 1.15.09
33. Do the NYU certificate program in Interior Design Decided this is not what I want.

31. Have Alyson stay over TF townhouse with me
32. Have mom stay over TF townhouse with me
43. Become an aunt 10.5.09
96. Use metal detector on the beach with my father and/or Dave to look for goodies
97. Get a frame and hang personal photographs in black and white in Tinton Falls townhouse
100. Learn not to overanalyze things and be an overall nicer person to my mother, father, sister and Dave. Accept that everything happens for a reason and that I can’t control everything.


101. Finish this list and start a new one for the next 1,001 days


Edit - some of my goals I still want to accomplish but new things come up:
102. Learn flash/successfully design something in flash (Necessity for web design!!!)
103. Knit hat for Dave I knit one - but it was too small. Oops.
104. Finish reading Agatha Raisin mystery series (19/19)
105. Sew one-shoulder vintage dress with fabric from Mood Here it is!
106. Fill in Tuffy's "Life" book
107. Organize all loose knitting patterns in a binder by category
108. Take an Undergraduate FIT class for 'fun' - Winterim 2008, Fashion Design
109. Pass Chemistry test for Advanced Conservation II at FIT Passed June 2008
110. Design a site for free (LFFD Site)
111. Buy a new digital camera that I actually LIKE and want to use!


Extra goals I'd like to complete:

a. Find out credit score Between 770-781! 3.18.08
b. Revisit my investment banker/choose another
c. Buy a new cell phone 2.14.08 bought LG enV in orange
d. Cancel TMobile Sidekick2.14.08
e. Buy FIT class ring
f. Clean out craft room/decorate
g. Look into buying Bay House with Dave in Mystic Island NJ
h. Put 10% in savings (at least) each paycheck
i. Udate Tri-Star Design Site
j. Get oil changed! (I know this will happen more than once!)
k. Decorate the outside of my childhood dollhouse
l. Finish paisley pink tank top - Here it is! 8.5.07
m. Volunteer to help costume a show
n. Sew my own halloween costume (Little Red Riding Hood, with Dave as the wolf)

Ultimate Townhouse shopping list:

-Baskets to hold toiletries in bathrooms
-2 beach towels
-Small shelf/cabinet for loft
-Throw pillows/throw for bedroom ottoman
-Folding chairs (IKEA) for mahogany table with leaf, so people can eat there!
-Baskets for organizing DVDs and books in TV center
-Granite countertops in kitchen?
-Hang vintage Vogue cover in downstairs bathroom
-Change handles in upper bathroom on cabinet (or both bathrooms)